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If you live in Berlin and want to improve your photography skills through great workshop with a professional photographer that will show you the best spots and tell you the secrets of great shots, you came at the right place.


Get ready for a 2+ hours walk around the city, camera in your hands, to go through all the best spots in the city and learn all the tips I’m using to take great photos like a pro.

If you are interested, you can send a message through the contact page to book a workshop slot.

The secrets behind great photos

Hello! I’m Mathis from France, freelance photographer in Berlin since 2018, passionate about photography and film-making.

Over the years, through my studies and then through my career, I took thousands of photos and slowly became an expert, who’s able to always identify the best conditions in order to take THE perfect shot.

What I offer you is to skip all these years of practicing and failing and instantly reach the summit of photography.


In my workshops, I will spend more than 2 hours sharing with you all my most important tips and tricks to take stunning pictures.

The art of framing, colorimetry, different types of lenses, how camera works, white balance, photo formats, aperture, depth of field, all the different modes, you will learn about everything.

Take this opportunity to save time and become an expert in taking pictures, and book a time slot right now through the contact page.



The best spots in berlin

After spending years walking around the city, I found amazing photography spots.


Basics of photography

The key to take great pictures is to understand how your camera works and therefore master it.


Take stunning portraits

Portraits is an art, and you can learn it, in order to take photos that could end up in a magazine.